Working at WVGC provides you with a rich and educational experience into the world of Gymnastics. Each day presents new and interesting situations through an active environment that challenges you mentally and physically. In this kind of workplace you will receive as much as you put into it with job opportunities that benefits a wide range of skills and personalities.


Gymnastics coaching is where the bulk of our employees reside, there is a large range of positions as a coach or assistant coach as well as progression to senior coaching and management roles, and the club will help you the whole way. There is a number of coaching courses and training tools available to newcomers, so if you are just starting out in the world of Gymnastics we are here to help you learn!

Some of the various coaching positions include:

  • Recreational Gymnastics coaching
  • MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics)
  • WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics)
  • National Acrobatics
  • + Many more

Coaches can be of any ages and is perfect for someone who wants to work in an active environment and both teach and learn to enhance their skills in decision making, leadership and group management.


Competition and non competition judging is a section of our club that has progressed rapidly in the last few years as the club has expanded to different fields of Gymnastics, as a judge you would undergo a number of courses and training to be able to be a symbol of leadership and fairness to others. This field of work is perfect for anyone who possesses critical thinking, an eye for perfection and the desire to build the skills of themselves and others.


To receive the latest information and have your skills and info displayed to us please download and complete the application sheet below:

> Woden Valley Gymnastics Club Application

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