The Woden Valley Gymnastics Club Inc (WVGC) is a community-based, not-for-profit sporting organisation. Fees must be paid at the time of enrolment so that appropriate classes can be organised.

General Principles

In general terms, fees for classes include:

  1. an annual registration and insurance fee;
  2. an equipment levy paid by each family each Term; and
  3. tuition fees for a 10 week Term based on the level of the gymnast and the number of hours training each week.
Registration and Insurance

The registration and insurance fee is collected by the Club to cover the following:

  1. registration with Gymnastics Australia (GA) so that gymnasts can participate in GA programs and compete in events any where in Australia or overseas;
  2. insurance through GA that covers gymnasts while they are training, competing or demonstrating at any approved venue within Australia or overseas;
  3. Gymnastics ACT (GACT) administration; and
  4. Club administration.

The registration and insurance fee is set by GA and GACT. The registration and insurance fee is to be paid prior to the commencement of the first lesson in the first Term of enrolment for the year.

Details of the insurance cover provided by GA are available on the GA website www.gymnastics.org.au and its insurance provider JLT Sport http://www.jltsport.com.au/. The insurance only covers those items that are not covered by Medicare and does not include the Medicare gap.

Equipment Levy

The Club Management Committee has set a small levy to help the Club purchase new equipment and to repair damaged equipment. The levy is included in the tuition fees paid each Term and is not a separate item.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are set by the Club Management Committee at the beginning of each Calendar Year. Fees will normally increase by at least the Consumer Price Index (CPI) each year so that the Club can cover increased charges from outside sources, for example, rent, gas, consumables, etc.

Payment of Fees

Gymnasts who train in the Australian Levels Program (ALP), previously called the National Levels Program (NLP), work in a five-Term year. This means that they train through all school holiday periods and only have a two week break between Christmas and New Year. Consequently, Term dates do not relate to school terms and are published separately.

Term fees, including tuition fees, the equipment levy and the annual registration and insurance fee, are to be:

  1. paid in full at the beginning of each Term; or
  2. paid on a regular fortnightly or monthly schedule by direct deposit, arranged by the family, in accordance with a Payment Plan agreed with the Club.

Competition and Uniform Payments

Gymnasts with any outstanding fees are not eligible to compete in any GA or GACT sanctioned competition. In this case, outstanding fees relate to those owing to WVGC, GACT or GA for tuition or for uniforms, travel, accommodation or entry into a GACT or GA competition.

Families will be advised prior to an event, which is normally programmed in groups of two or three over a six to eight week period, and which may be inter-State, as to what uniforms are required. The following rules apply:

  1. All competition fees and uniform costs are to be paid on or before the due date.
  2. No gymnast can represent GACT or WVGC without the full, correct, approved uniform.

Withdrawal from a Class

Fees are set for a whole Term for both GfA and ALP Programs. Coaches are allocated to classes based on the number of gymnasts in the class for that Term.

Gymnasts can only withdraw from a class before the end of a Term:

  1. on production of a Medical Certificate from a certified Medical Practitioner which states that the child is injured and/or is unable to continue classes; or
  2. if the legal guardian of the gymnast seek approval from the Club’s Business Manager or the Management Committee to remove the child because there is a grievance issue, the family is unhappy with the services provided or the family is leaving the ACT.

If a gymnast withdraws from a class the Club will refund fees for the remaining period of tuition in the Term less two weeks value which will be retained as a withdrawal fee.

Consequences of Late Payment of Fees

  1. GfA. Fees for gymnasts enrolled in a GfA Program are to be paid at the time of enrolment for the Term. If fees are not paid at the time of enrolment the gymnast will not be placed in a class and space may be given to another enrolment.
  2. ALP
    1. Registration and Insurance  If the registration and insurance fee is not paid prior to the gymnast’s first class then the family is to be notified that the registration and insurance fee has not been received and, if the matter cannot be resolved, then the gymnast will not be allowed to attend classes, for insurance reasons, until the amount is paid in full.
    2. Term Fees
      1. First Late Payment Notification. If Term fees are not paid by the end of the second week from commencement of the Term (Saturday), the family is to be contacted by telephone, email or letter to:
        1. request immediate payment; and
        2. advise that the gymnast may be refused access to his/her class if the outstanding fees are not paid:
      2. Second Late Payment Notification. If Term fees are not paid before the end of the fifth week from the commencement of the Term (Saturday), the family is to be contacted by telephone, email or letter to:
        1. advise that fees are still overdue; and
        2. that their child has been refused entry onto the training floor and that he/she should be removed from the gym forthwith. The child is not to be allowed to train until the fees and an additional late fee of $50.00 are paid in full.

Consistently Late Payers

Where a family consistently, that is, two Terms in a row or three Terms in a one year period, makes payments after having been issued the second late payment notification then the family will:

  1. be required to make full payment at the re-enrolment for a new Term; or
  2. be required to enter into an agreed payment plan at the start of that Term; or
  3. the re-enrolment will not be accepted.

Non-payment of Fees

Details of all outstanding fees at the end of a Term are to be referred directly to the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (ACAT). The amount claimed through ACT is to include:

  1. The fee for commencing proceedings;
  2. Administrative fees, including staff time and late fees;
  3. The amount of the outstanding fees; and
  4. Other charges for debt collection, if used.

Transfers to other Clubs are to be refused until such time as the outstanding fees are paid, in accordance with GA By-laws.

Fee Payment Plan

As parents of ALP gymnasts are locked into a five term year and are paying for longer training hours, even though the fee per hour is low, then the Club offers the option of making regular fortnightly or monthly payments. This Fee Payment Plan must be organised with your bank and details given to the Club’s Business Manager at the start of a Term.

Another option is for you to give the Club your Credit Card details, which will secured, so that we can deduct your account on the 1st of each month for the amount you owe. If you wish to use this option please complete the attached form and give it to the Club’s Business Manager.

Financial Hardship

Where a family has difficulty making the full fee payments as stipulated in this Policy then a confidential ‘Financial Hardship’ request may be submitted in writing to the WVGC Executive Committee. This statement is to provide sufficient details to prove the case. If financial hardship is proven and agreed, the Executive Committee will stipulate the payments required.

Note: In this policy ‘family’ means parents or guardians if the gymnast is under 18 years of age or if the gymnast him/herself if he/she is over 18 years of age. Where a parent or guardian is known to be paying the fees for a gymnast over the age of 18, then the parent or guardian will be deemed to be responsible and will be contacted where necessary.


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