General information

Welcome to Woden Valley Gymnastics!

As a club, we endeavor to provide quality gymnastics programs for people of all ages and abilities. We are thrilled that you have chosen our Club to experience the benefits that gymnastics can provide for life long development and learning. Our qualified and experienced coaches provide a safe and challenging learning environment, combined with positive encouragement to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and personal character. As part of the Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics ACT framework, gymnastics incorporates gross motor skills, including balance, agility and spatial awareness, physical fitness, including flexibility, strength and endurance, and body co-ordination, concentration and mental alertness. We aim to assist all our participants to achieve their own personal highest possible level.

A sense of family is extremely important here at Woden Valley Gymnastics. As a not-for-profit sporting organisation, our focus is on supporting the Canberra Community and building a love of gymnastics for all to enjoy.

Sibling Discount

A discount is provided to families with more than one child enrolled in our program. A 10% reduction in term fees is provided to a second child and a 20% reduction is applied for a third child. These discounts are applied when all children are enrolled in the same term. The percentage discount is applied to the child/children with the lesser tuition fees with the greatest discount being applied to the least cost.

What To Wear

Boys or girls may wear a T Shirt or singlet and shorts, or a leotard (with or without gym shorts).

No jewellery is allowed in the Gym.  Please leave all jewellery and valuable items at home.  Hair should be pulled back neatly and securely from the face.  Girls should not wear bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort or injury during the lesson.

All students should only have bare feet or wear socks during a class.

Shoes and warm clothing should be worn when coming to and leaving the gym.

Personal Belongings

All personal items should be left in the foyer before proceeding onto the Gym.  Do not leave valuables in the foyer pigeon holes.  Please note, that lockers are only available for gymnasts in the competitive streams.  The Club is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.

Items of clothing that are found in the gym are placed in the Lost Property Bin at the side entrance to the Gym.  If an item that is assessed as being valuable is found, it will normally be handed in to the Front Office where it may be recovered.  To assist in recovery of lost items, it is a good idea to mark all personal items with the student’s name.  The lost property bin is emptied at the end of each term.

Food and Drink

No food of any sort is permitted on the gym floor.  The gym is a nut free zone for the protection of gymnasts and visitors.

Gymnasts may bring a snack and a drink bottle.  These items are to be left in the pigeon holes and accessed during breaks in the class.

Arrival and Pick-up

Please ensure that your child/children arrives five (5) minutes (no earlier, please) before the class is due to start.

Please pick-up your child/children on time.  Please inform the Club, on 6287 4121, if you know that you will be late for pick-up. Instruct your child/children to wait inside the Club until you arrive to collect them.

During peak times the car park is extremely crowded and busy.  Please take into account that many of our students are very young so please drive carefully and adhere to the 10 km speed limit.

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