Gymnastics is about learning to move, develop skills and self confidence as well as staying physically active. It is also mentally challenging yourself to try new things. It contributes to personal health, fitness and well-being. Here at Woden Valley Gymnastics Club our focus is fundamentals, fitness, friendship and fun.

Woden Valley Gymnastics Club offers a wide variety of activities, programs, events and competitions suitable for all genders, age groups and abilities. We have structured our programs to cater for those who have no gymnastics experience right up to competitive level athletes. Whether you are looking for a competetive program or something just to stay fit and have fun, Woden Valley Gymnastics has a program to suit your needs.

Adult Gym
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Thursdays 8-9:30pm $15 for current club members $25 for non-members. To become a member you need to pay the annual Registration and Insurance fee with Gymnastics Australia for $100. 

Development Squad (Pre-Levels)
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The Development Squad training is a stepping stone towards a National Gymnastics stream. Development training focuses on the basic skills, coordination and strength elements for these apparatus. Each gymnast will have their strengths and weaknesses and all will progress at different rates. While skills and strength are essential components of training, the children enjoy games, free play and social interactions with gymnasts their own age as well. Development Squad trains on Saturday’s from 10:00 am-11:30 am and Thursdays 3:45pm-5:15pm – the gymnasts must wear the compulsory training uniform (can be purchased in the Office). Development training is an invitation only class. Selection in to this training group does not automatically guarantee a place in a National Squad in future. For enquiries regarding the Development Squad please contact

Enable Gym (Special Needs Program)
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Enable Gym is a program designed to help children and young adults with special needs The benefits of Enable Gym include:

  • opportunities to work on other skills, including paying attention, making eye contact, etc.
  • provision of sensory-motor experiences
  • improvement of coordination skills
  • building confidence and self esteem
  • altering and affecting muscle tone
  • improving balance
  • strengthening muscle groups
  • increasing exercise tolerance
  • improving communication skills
  • provision of social and group participation
  • improvement of body and spatial awareness
  • fun and enjoyment
  • safe and quiet environment

Class Schedule: Weekday afternoons from 2.15pm until 4.00pm, bookings required Classes: One-on-one, Small group, Potential progression to group classes For any further enquiries regarding Enable Gym please contact Naomi via email:

Groove & Move (50 years+)
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A self paced program for people over 50 years of age. It incorporates the benefit of gymnastics into a movement program which is achievable, enjoyable and social. Participants improve by developing flexibility, strength, balance and co-ordination. 

Gymnastics for All

(Recreational Gymnastics)

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Junior Classes

Our junior program strives to increase sport participation, develop children’s fundamental movement skills and all-round physical and brain development.  More info…

Senior Classes

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Club Levels (Competitive Recreational Classes)

The WAG Club Levels Program is a semi-competitive recreational stream within Woden Valley Gymnastics Club that looks after gymnasts who have reached Level 5 – 10 after completing our Gymnastics for all LaunchPad Program. More info…

Performance Teams

Performance Team is a way all gymnasts are able to showcase their talent in a group atmosphere. Performance Team is a gymnastics performance incorporating any style and combination of gymnastics and dance. Gymnastics skills, Acrobatics and dance are choreographed and creatively arranged with or without music and using any large or hand held apparatus or no equipment at all. More info…

Team Gym

Combines parts of tumbling, mini tramp, and dance  to create an exciting team competition. Participants get to flip, roll, jump and dance with their friends. Team Gym is an exciting event including all ages and abilities, focusing on performing to music on floor, tumbling and mini tramp.  

Free G / Tumbling (Gymnastics Australia’s Parkour Program)

First developed by British Gymnastics, FreeG fuses traditional gymnastics and acrobatic tricks, with kicks and leaps made famous through martial arts and brought to worldwide attention by festival performances and stunt actors.

FreeG gets your body moving in ways never thought possible. It will get your heart racing and develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports (including. boarding, biking, skiing, climbing and surfing).

Don’t take our word for it, ‘release your freedom’ today.

School Gymnastics

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Woden Valley Gymnastics Club can provide curriculum based gymnastics programs for your school. We incorporate the Gymnastics Australia LauchPad philosophy of Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fundamentals while focusing on neuro-nastics, visual tracking, crossing the mid-line, rhythm and stimulating the vestibular system. The programs are fun, challenging, and oriented to a child’s growth and development with all levels of fitness and ability. We cater for all age groups and abilities,  from early childhood to Year 12, including special needs groups. We provide qualified, enthusiastic and experienced coaches. We can either come to you or you can come to us at our modern and fully equipped facility. Email for more information. 

Holiday Program
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Meet new friends, have fun, stay fit, while learning the fundamentals of Gymnastics. Experience the fun and challenges of gymnastics. WVGC caters for all ages and all abilities. Fully qualified and enthusiastic coaches & a great, safe venue. More info…
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Kindergym is a movement program for children from 9 months to 5 years of age and their caregiver. It is a program designed to develop the whole child – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment.  More info… Every fortnight we have a fun new theme with props and music to keep the children excited for their next adventure in the gym. We access all apparatus areas within the club throughout the term and encourage the children to learn at a pace that is unique to them. More info…
National Acrobatics
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Acro is a spectacular sport for people whwito want to share the thrill of performing balances, flips and twists with their friends. While other gymnasts might do a handstand on the floor or beam, acrobats find themselves balancing on their teammates feet, hands, or shoulders. With roles as tops, middles, or bases, there is a place for everyone in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Our Acro Program caters for recreational and competitive athletes.  

National MAG Program
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For boys Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) is aimed at preparing boys to gain selection in higher level ACT Teams that represent the ACT at National Championships each year. This means that those boys who want to work in the competitive streams need to start work early in order to master the skills and techniques on all six of the competitive apparatus, namely, Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar. In the early stages they also work on Mushroom so that they learning the technique to do circles on Pommel. More info…

National WAG Program
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Designed for athletes who want to compete at increasingly high levels, gymnasts who show the necessary attributes to train hard may be invited to join the WAG ALP (Australian Levels program) training group. The WAG ALP is for gymnasts who enjoy setting and achieving goals in skill development, flexibility, strength and conditioning. WAG ALP athletes get opportunities to compete locally, State, National and International competitions. 

Recreational Acrobatics
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Acrobatic Gymnastics (nicknamed “Acro”) is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform routines consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling.

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Trampoline Gymnastics is the perfect sport for bold high-flyers or for those who want to learn how to jump, sault and twist safely. Whether you bounce on the trampoline or launch yourself from the double mini trampoline the fundamental skills are the same and lead to an amazing awareness of where your body is in space. Trampoline Gymnastics

  • develops confident body movement, both on and off the ground
  • builds strength and prepares the body for challenges in life.
  • challenges the mind and body to reach new goals
  • develops posture and agility, including the ability to land safely.
  • is a fun way to develop incredible spatial awareness
  • improves coordination, strength, balance and flexibility
  • is inclusive of all levels of fitness, ability and capability.

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Class Information

General Information


PLEASE NOTE: Afternoon classes become available to children once they begin attending Kindergarten.


  • Trampoline is 7+ years (5-6 years may be taken after an assessment by the program Co-ordinator)
  • All fees include GST and are for a 10 week term.
  • Fees are not refundable.
  • Fees will be prorated for participants that start part way into the term.
  • Up to two make-up classes may be done during the current term, bookings essential.
  • Re-enrolments for the following term are taken from Week 8 and payment in full is required at time of booking.
  • New enrolments will be taken from Week 10. Fees must be paid at the time of booking.
  • Class numbers are capped due to a coach: particpant ratio that we are required to meet, A waiting list for classes is available.
  • Special needs classes –  Available for booking 2:30pm- 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Subject to availability. Email
  • Junior Performance Team conditions – must be enrolled in another class at Woden Valley.
  • Family Term Discounts (per child): 2nd – 10%; 3rd – 20%; 4th – 30%
  • GA/GACT/CLUB REGISTRATION & INSURANCE FEE $100.00 per annum. $60 Term 3 and $30 term 4. 



Gymnastics For All

2020 Term dates

Term 1: Mon 3 Feb – Thur 9 Apr

Term 2: Tue 28 Apr – Sat 4 Jul

Term 3: Mon 20 Jul – Sat 26 Sept

Term 4: Mon 3 Oct – Sat 20 Dec

Additional Fees

  • A $100.00 per annum (discounted at the end of the year) applies for each child to cover Registration and Insurance with Gymnastics Australia and ACT Gymnastics (including Adult Gym). This is normally charged at the start of each year or as you commence throughout the year to cover until the end of the calendar year.
  • Competition Fees are charged closer to competition times, you will receive an email advising of the event and a link to sign up and pay for the event. 

Make Up Lessons

If your child is sick or absent from a class, up to two classes can be made up, with another class within that term. Please note we require that you to report your absence book your make-up class via your GymnasticsBiz Customer Portal


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