Terms & Conditions


Fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment and re-enrolment. Children who have not paid this fee will not be allowed to participate. A payment plan consisting of a deposit (to secure a place in the class) and regular installments may be agreed to by the Business Manager. In the case of payment by installment, all fees must be paid by Week 8 of Term and the Payment Options form must be completed and signed.

Additional Fees and Insurance

Gymnasts are covered by personal insurance and the Club is covered by liability insurance, both of which are paid as part of the annual registration fee paid to Gymnastics Australia.  Personal insurance is valid from the time the annual registration fee is paid to the Club until the end of that calendar year. This fee must be paid in full prior to my child participating in any classes.

Upon paying your registration fee, gymnasts are insured with JLT Sport. Claims must be lodged within 30 days. Further details can be found at www.jltsport.com.au.

Gymnastics is a very active sport and that an injury, although unlikely, may occur. It is the expressed intent of all Club staff to provide a safe environment for the gymnastics activities undertaken at the Club.

The Equipment Levy must be paid per term per family at the time of enrolment or re-enrolment.


Enrolments do not roll over from one term to the next.  For each new Term re-enrolments open in Week 8 of the current Term.  You are encouraged to re-enroll early as new enrolments start in Week 10 of Term and if your child is not enrolled in the class then the place may be given to a new child.

Make-up Classes and Refunds

Two make-up classes are allowed in any one Term. All make-up lessons must be booked in advance with the Front Office. Make up lessons are subject to availability and may only be completed within another class of the same age/level, unless approved by the Business Manager or Program Manager.

No refunds will be given for missed classes, or make-up classes not accessed during the Term or for early withdrawal during a Term. Refund requests due to inability to complete a term for medical reasons must be submitted in writing with medical documentation and are assessed by the Business Manager.

Personal information and Privacy

I understand that the Club reserves the right to vary the days and times specified for classes when such changes are deemed necessary by Program Managers and/or the Club Committee.

I understand if I see something at the Gym that may be considered to be a safety issue, potential or otherwise, then I am obliged to inform the Business Manager or a Senior Coach of that matter.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, the information provided on this Enrolment Form will be used primarily for matters related to the participation in the sport of gymnastics and to matters directly related to that participation. Full details of our Privacy Policy are available on the Club web site at http://www.wodenvalley.gymnastics.org.au or from the Office.  Organisations to which we may disclose personal information provided on this Enrolment Form include:

  • outsourced service providers or authorities who manage aspects of the services we deliver to you, including:

– Gymnastics ACT

– Gymnastics Australia

– our insurance companies

– Australian Sports Commission (ASC)

– ACT Government Sport and Recreation authorities

  • our professional advisors, including accountants, auditors and lawyers
  • government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorised by law.

The Club limits such disclosure to only those personal details needed to achieve the specific purpose for which the Club is supplying it to those organisations.  If you choose not to supply sufficient personal information, the Club may not be able to provide you with the services that you would like, or the level of service that it aspires to provide.

You may request access to your personal information, including the formal registration information that is held by the Club about your family.

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