Trampoline Gymnastics
Trampoline Gymnastics is the perfect sport for bold high-flyers or for those who want to learn how to jump, sault and twist safely. Whether you bounce on the trampoline or launch yourself from the double mini trampoline the fundamental skills are the same and lead to an amazing awareness of where your body is in space.
Trampoline Gymnastics:

  • develops confident body movement, both on and off the ground
  • builds strength and prepares the body for challenges in life.
  • challenges the mind and body to reach new goals
  • develops posture and agility, including the ability to land safely.
  • is a fun way to develop incredible spatial awareness
  • improves co-ordination, strength, balance and flexibility
  • is inclusive of all levels of fitness, ability and capability.

Once you’ve learnt the basics, the fundamental skills can be refined and combined to create exciting routines with multiple twists and rotations in every jump and you can keep developing your skills for fun and fitness or challenge yourself through competitions from local to national and all the way to international events.

Trampoline Classes at WVGC

All trampoline classes at WVGC are taken by experienced coaches who are accredited through courses designed by Gymnastics Australia and which are approved by the Australian Sports Commission. All WVGC trampoline classes are overseen by the Head Coach who holds a FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) Level 3 trampoline coaching accreditation. FIG Level 3 is the highest possible trampoline coaching accreditation and WVGC is the only club in the ACT to have a FIG Level 3 accredited trampoline coach.

WVGC trampolinists progress through a ten level program (the Trampoline Gymnastics Australian Levels Program) in both individual trampoline and double mini trampoline. WVGC trampolinists learn a multitude of trampoline and double mini trampoline skills including the following:

Beginner Skills
(Levels 1-3)

  • Seat drop
  • Front drop
  • Back drop
  • Swivel hips
  • Back drop ½ twist to feet
  • ½ twist to front drop

Intermediate Skills
(Levels 4-5)

  • ¾ front sault
  • ¾ back sault
  • Front sault
  • Back sault
  • Barani (front sault ½ twist)
  • Back sault/barani combos

Advanced Skills
(Levels 5-6)

  • Ballout (1¼ front sault from back drop)
  • Back cody (1¼ back sault from front drop)
  • Rudi (front sault 1½ twist)
  • Back full/ rudi combos
  • Double back sault (National Squad Only)
  • Double front sault (National Squad Only)

Advanced+ Skills
(Levels 6–10 & International)

* National Squad Only*

  • Double saults
  • Multiple twisting double saults
  • Triple saults
  • Multiple twisting triple saults


Recreational Classes

WVGC recreational classes teach skills on both trampoline and double mini trampoline and are all about friendship, fun and learning new skills. WVGC recreational trampolinists learn how to jump higher, sault, twist and land safely and progress through the ten trampoline levels at their own pace. WVGC recreational classes cater for trampolinists from seven years of age* and for all levels of ability. Sessions are run from 5:45pm – 7:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in line with the school terms. Recreational trampolinists can attend one, two or three sessions per week (please note: additional fees apply to attend two or three sessions per week).

Five and six year olds may be accepted into recreational classes after an assessment by the Program Manager or Head Coach.

Development Squad

Recreational trampolinists who love trampolining, push themselves in training and acquire skills quickly may be invited to join the WVGC Trampoline Development Squad **. The WVGC Trampoline Development Squad is for those trampolinists who want to progress faster in their skill acquisition and gain some competition experience but aren’t quite ready to take on the demands of training in the WVGC National/Competition Squad.

The WVGC Trampoline Development Squad trains two nights a week (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday from 5:45pm – 7:15pm) in line with school terms. Development Squad members have the option of attending holiday training during the school holidays (please note: additional fees apply to attend holiday training) and attending the two annual ACT Trampoline Competitions (held in March) and the National Clubs Carnival Competition (held in September).

Recreational trampolinists who are interested in joining the Development Squad can ask the Program Manager or Head Coach to assess them for squad suitability.

National/Competition Squad

WVGC competitive trampoline classes are all about complex skill acquisition, perfecting routines and competing in competitions. WVGC Trampoline National Squad trampolinists compete in ACT, National and International events. WVGC is the only trampoline club in the ACT with a trampoline squad that competes in nationally recognised competitions.

WVGC National Squad trampolinists train on both trampoline and double mini trampoline and progress through the ten trampoline levels based on age (for example: Under 11 – Level 4, Under 13 – Level 5). Development Squad trampolinists who demonstrate the necessary physical attributes as well as the determination to ‘train hard’ are selected to join the WVGC Trampoline National Squad. National Squad members train three nights a week (athletes under 11 years of age can elect to train only two nights a week) for 50 weeks of the year (they have two weeks off over Christmas).

The WVGC National Trampoline Squad attends, at minimum, 4 competitions per year (two ACT competitions in March, NSW State Championships in April and the National Clubs Carnival in September).


Trampolining classes are held at the Tuggeranong Archery Club Multi-Sport Facility at the very end of Soward Way, Greenway in the big green shed (Address: 299 Soward Way, Greenway).

The WVGC trampoline program is run from the Tuggeranong Archery Club Multi-Sport Facility as we need a big space and a really high roof!

Class Times

Recreational Trampoline Classes (7-10 yrs)

Monday: 5:45pm-7:00pm
Tuesday: 5:45pm-7:00pm
Thursday: 5:45pm-7:00pm

Recreational Trampoline Classes (10+)

Monday: 7:00pm-8:15pm
Tuesday: 7:00pm-8:15pm
Thursday: 7:00pm-8:15pm

Trampoline Development Squad (all ages)

Monday/Thursday: 5:45pm-7:15pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 5:45pm-7:15pm

Monday/Tuesday: 5:45pm-7:15pm

Development Squad (all ages)

Monday/Thursday: 5:45pm-7:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 5:45pm-7:30pm

Monday/Tuesday: 5:45pm-7:15pm


Intermediate Trampoline National/Competition Squad (all ages)

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 5:45pm-7:15pm

Senior Trampoline National/Competition Squad (athletes over 12 years of age)

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 7:00pm-8:45pm

Class Size

Trampolining classes have a normal maximum ratio of one coach to six trampolinists (occasionally classes may increase to a ratio of one coach to seven trampolinists to accommodate trampolinists attending make-up classes).

Fees and Enrolments

Recreational Trampoline Classes:

  • for recreational trampoline term fees go to Term Fees.
  • to enrol go to Enrolment.

Trampoline Development and National/Competition Squad:

  • for Development and National/Competition Squad fees contact the WVGC Trampoline Program Manager at
  • any athlete wanting to join the Trampoline Development or National/Competition Squad must undergo an assessment by the Trampoline Program Manager before enroling
  • to arrange an assessment please contact the WVGC Trampoline Program Manager at

Other Important Information

All trampolinists are required to bring socks and a water bottle to every class.

Further Information

For further enquiries about our Trampoline program please contact

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