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What is Kindergym?

What is Kindergym?

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What is

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Kindergym is a Gymnastics Program designed for children from 9 months to 5 years old that helps them to develop a mix of fundamental movement skills, gymnastics skills and neuro-nastic skills. It is a positive movement experience, presented with colourful, interactive activities that relate to a fortnightly theme with the aim to positively influence a child’s outlook on physical activity. 


The Program runs in line with each School Term, coinciding with the ACT School Year (we also run Holiday Program Kindergym in the School Holidays, see the Holiday Program section for more information). Throughout the term, the children have access to all apparatus areas in the Club. In each weekly session the children participate in ‘Circuits’ – a combinations of fundamental gymnastics skills, physical challenges, and play activities that simultaneously stimulate their imaginations.


These activities assist in the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of a child within an exciting, structured, multi-sensory environment. The Program provides an effective way to develop skills needed for Primary Education, such as sequencing, compartmentalisation, and the ability to understand order processes. 


Children learn successfully through the observation of others and the positive reinforcement from the adults around them so we strive to create a safe and fun environment where child and caregiver (or educator) can play together.


Our major focuses include developing a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence creating a safe, but challenging environment providing access to appropriate equipment setup with variety and change fostering a non-competitive, relaxed and friendly environment tailoring the Program to the needs and abilities of each child.


Gymnastics Australia and Woden Valley Gymnastics Club are partnered with the Sports Australia Physical Literacy Framework. Gymnastics provides a foundation for movement and physical activity for life, focusing on the skills linked with physical, psychological, social and cognitive development. 


What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy provides:

  • physical skills and fitness

  • the attitudes and emotions that motivate you to be active

  • the knowledge and understanding of how, why and when you move

  • the social skills to be active with others.


What each Physical Literacy Domain area means:

  • Physical – Movement skills that allow a person to move (on land, water, snow or ice) from one place to another

  • Psychological – Positive emotions and experiences derived from movement and physical activity

  • Social – Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour, relating to fairness and justice, inclusion, equity, integrity and respect.

  • Cognitive – Factual knowledge a person can understand and convey; often important in recognition, recall and planning

Comments from our most recent Kindergym Survey

Question: 'What do you and your child enjoy most about Kindergym'

"The variety of activities, the rope, foam pit and all the other little activities eg. making sushi, pizza (all the non gym stuff)."

"The teachers are great".

"My son is very enthusiastic about Kindergym, he seems to enjoy the one on one time with the harder skills/ activities. He also REALLY likes the stamp at the end." 

"The classes are a fantastic mix of fun, building skills, the ability to go at their own pace. The amount of work that goes into the themes is incredible!"

"I think your planning and the way the class is structured is fantastic. The way the activities follow each other and the variety is excellent. It gives the children the opportunity to practice the physical skills with the necessary warm up and cool down while making it very fun. Very impressed!"

"I cannot believe how amazing the classes have been! All that work! The themes have been so fun and interesting and I just think all of you do a really wonderful job."

"The variety is great. My child can't wait to find out what theme is this week."

"The creativity in activities & the interaction with the coaches."

"I think it is very well thought out and organised. And the fact that it follows the same structure each lesson means the kids know what to expect throughout the class."

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Have a look at our gallery of Kindergymmers having a great time in our Kindergym classes!