Meet Our Committee

Club President Andrew Collins

My first introduction to the Club was through a Holiday Program that my son attended. He had so much fun he asked to be enrolled into a Recreational gym program and only attended a few classes before being asked to move into the MAG Nationals stream in the Pre-Nationals group. Soon after, I found myself dancing and crawling around the gym on Saturday mornings at Kindergym with my younger Daughter Sammi. 6 years after that first holiday program, Patrick is MAG Level 7 and Sammi is WAG Level 3 and I am an Intermediate Bronze MAG Judge!

Our family loves the Club atmosphere and what the sport of Gymnastics has taught, and continues to teach our kids. The Committee and Management Team have made great progress in the last few years in the running of the Club and I am keen to continue that work as well as pave the way for the future expansion of the Club.

Club Vice President Robert (Bob) Loftus

I joined the Move and Groove (over 50's) Program in WVGC in late 2015. I have represented the club in Gymnastics for All (GfA) competitions in Australia and overseas.  Prior to 2015, I had no exposure to gymnastics other than on television. I have had a great experience since joining and am keen to see WVGC prosper as an all-inclusive Gymnastic Club.

Club Treasurer Gary Fisk

I’ve been associated with WVGC for about 12 years - with my two daughters starting in Kindergym, moving into pre-Nationals, and now training in senior WAG group under Head Coaches Xiao Li and Tommy.

Club Secretary Kathy Anderson OAM

I first joined WVGC as a parent in 1986 when we moved to Canberra from Sydney. All three of my daughters (but not my son) have been Senior WAG Gymnasts; two of them have also coached WAG, one as Head Coach.

I have been a Secondary School teacher who has also been involved as a volunteer with Netball (also a player, coach and administrator), Girl Guides (as a leader, District Commissioner and administrator), Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, Weston Creek Soccer Club and various Primary and High Schools. I am currently a member of the Move and Groove group at WVGC, loving the gym experience!

Committee Member Wendy Durran

I have been involved with WVGC since my granddaughter began gymnastics a few years ago. Her enjoyment led me to volunteer for the Committee.

In between other commitments I help with our family business, Canberra Sheds and Outdoor Storage.

Committee Member Laurel Loftus

I joined Woden Valley Gymnastics Club as a gymnast in the Gymnastics for All Program in late 2015. I had never done gymnastics before but really enjoyed the benefits to my mind and body.  I was part of the Australian Team which competed in World Gym4Life in Norway in 2017 and I also went to Gymnaestrada in Austria in 2019. The motto "Start Here, Go Anywhere" really resonates with me.

Committee Member Leigh McFarlane

My interest in gymnastics and more specifically Acrobatic Gymnastics has been largely nurtured by my daughter and her love for the sport. Even given the untold hours over the last 7 years of watching and discussions with my daughter, coaches, teammates and parents, I still consider myself a newcomer to the gymnastics community. That being said, I am enthused about the future of the Club and I am looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective and increasing the Club engagement with the parent group and broader Woden/Weston Creek community.

Committee Member Carmela Pavlic Searle

My experience with gymnastics began about 12 years ago when my first daughter started Kindergym….and she never left.

Now with a daughter in the WAG program and one in National ACRO, I have an interest in the future of the  Club on many levels.  As an event strategy and logistics specialist, I have a desire to ensure a contemporary and competitive Club. As a communications practitioner I have a desire to ensure parents are informed about club activities and options available to them. As a mother of two beautiful girls, I am also keen to support a complete wellbeing approach to training.

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