Recreational Senior Levels

Unlike Kindergym and Mini's classes (which are age based), every child from the Junior Levels are assessed into classes based on their strength, flexibility and skills. This is to ensure that children are placed into classes where they are safe and feel successful attempting the activities that they are being asked of them. Every week, Floor Supervisors and Coaches are keeping watch for children that have 'mastered' the core skills of that class. As gymnasts progress we encourage each to learn at a pace that is unique to them. We ask for parents to support our coaching knowledge and not compare their child to others; sometimes a child has a been able to attempt a skill and they may need more time to refine the skill before moving classes.


Safety and positive experiences are at the core of our class progression assessments. 

Skills that are assessed include:

  • Forwards and Backwards rolls

  • Handstands and handstand progressions and shaping

  • Cartwheels and cartwheel progressions and shaping

  • Pullovers, casts and swings on the bars

  • Beam Complex (Relevé Walks, Passé Steps, Kicks, General Balancing etc.)

  • Straight jumps to various heights for vault

  • A variety of trampoline skills

As the students progress, class length increases to add further strength and conditioning, so that new more difficult skills can be attempted safely. 

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