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The State Levels Program is a semi-competitive recreational stream within Woden Valley Gymnastics Club and the ACT. The aim of this program is to develop the gymnast’s confidence and athletic ability through their participation in a structured, yet flexible and supportive program.

Training Requirements

Gymnasts in Level 5 are required to attend one training per week, but are encouraged to attend twice a week to help build strength and the foundation for the more difficult skills. Club Level gymnasts in Levels 6 - 10 are required to attend minimum two training's per week; this is to ensure that the gymnasts have the strength and body shaping needed to execute higher level skills safely. Gymnasts also have the option to attend additional tumbling or strength classes if they wish. If a gymnast would like to progress with tumbling but cannot continue, or commit to 2 days a week, there are other classes available. 


Training Attire

Gymnasts are required to wear a leotard/crop top and shorts for training. This is to keep both gymnasts and coaches safe when spotting (avoids clothes tangling). A leotard also fits close to the body and allows body shaping to be easily identified and corrected. Training attire is available for purchase from DIGS Sportswear or Bloch, the dance shop in the Canberra Centre. There are no specific colour or style requirements. 


Term Focus

The competition season is from October to September.

  • In Term 4 gymnasts will be introduced to new skills, drills and strength exercises.

  • Term 1 focuses on skill development though drills and strength.

  • Term 2 gymnasts will learn their routines for competitions and skill refinement.

  • Term 3 will focus on routines, competitions, skill refinement and assessments.  


Each year our gymnasts are assessed to determine if they are ready to move on to the next level. This assessment is done during Term 3’s Competition Season. All students who are assessed to move to the next level will be notified during a one on one meeting with the Club Levels Program Coordinator. 

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